Printed beauty.

Annual Reports & Brochures

Even though many of us use our smartphones and laptops to access most information digitally, there is still a place for printed brochures and annual reports. Printed materials can be used as a beautiful way to communicate and remember things.

report design by Garetii Media

book design by Garetii Media

Ahh reading.


Designing book layouts can be a major task, but it can greatly improve the book’s appeal and readability. I redesigned Charles Spurgeon’s classic devotional “Morning & Evening” as a side project, and love the new sleek and modern look. Each morning devotional is on a white background, and each evening devotional is on a dark gray background, new typefaces were used, and a clickable table of contents is at the beginning to enable easy navigation. What do you think?

Larger than life.

Banners & Displays

Are you participating in a conference or trade show and looking for a sharp way to represent yourself? Large banners and booth displays can be a great way to catch people’s eyes as they approach your section.

booth display design by Garetii Media

DVD design by Garetii Media

Covers & inserts.

CDs, DVDs & Blu-Rays

Got some CDs or DVDs that you will be handing out at an event? Or want to jazz up and organize your home video collection? Beautiful labels and case inserts can really make your discs shine

Get social.

Facebook Pages

Depending on your business and growth strategy, Facebook could potentially be a HUGE growth opportunity for you. Polishing your profile and cover images, and making sure your website’s featured images and page descriptions look great when sharing on Facebook can work wonders.

facebook page designs by Garetii Media

email template design by Garetii Media

Digital marketing.


For many marketers, email is still one of their most successful marketing tools. Sharp email templates can be a helpful way to keep your customers and fans engaged with your brand. You can use beautiful email to provide coupons, appointment reminders, new product announcements, blog updates, and much more.