There are many different types of websites and a variety of functionality that your site can have. You can mix features from several different types to meet your exact needs. And you can even start with one type of site and build onto it as your needs develop over time. Below, you can get a good idea of the spectrum.

Regardless of which type of website you need, your site should definitely be responsive (optimized for any type of screen viewing – whether smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop). With today’s prominence of smartphones and tablets, Google’s recent update began showing preference to responsive (mobile-friendly) websites in search results on April 21, 2015. All of the new websites I create are built with responsive responsive design. If you have a website that is not currently responsive, please shoot me a message to find out what it would take to make it responsive.

Sell your goods.


Whether you have one product or thousands of products, digital or physical, a great-looking online store is a fantastic way to boost your income and reach more people with what you have to offer.

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ecommerce website by Garetii Media

membership website by Garetii Media

Create a community.


Membership sites are a great way to generate a recurring income stream for you, or to simply lock down content so that it only shows to members of your team or community.

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Launch your idea.


Have an idea, whether a business, product, or charitable cause, that you need help getting off the ground? A fundraising website can help bring a community of people together to make a dream become reality.

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fundraising website by Garetii Media

ministry website by Garetii Media

Spread the gospel.


A well-designed and organized ministry website can really help increase awareness of and further the work you are doing. Whether you need to organize a sermon or resource archive in a visually appealing way, post regular progress reports, advertise upcoming events, or process donations, we can help.

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Join the fun.

Foundations & Clubs

Looking for a new website for your club or foundation? Your new website can help process applications and other forms online, feature an event calendar, display recent event pictures, and more.

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foundation and horse show website by Garetii Media

health and wellness site by Garetii Media

Refresh your body.

Health & Wellness

Showcase your health and wellness classes, special events, or other offerings. You can even sell class or event tickets for either live or online events, create and sell a subscription service, or schedule appointments.

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Smell the delicious.

Restaurants & Coffee Shops

People are constantly looking up new restaurants and coffee shops to try. Do you have a mobile-friendly site ready to grab their attention and persuade them to come on in and check out your menu?

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restaurant website by Garetii Media

real estate website by Garetii Media

Buying and selling.

Real Estate

A well-organized and designed real estate website is key to helping prospective buyers find their dream home or property. Get a website that features your property listings and other MLS listings for your area. Allow visitors to save listings and sign up for property alerts.

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Fix some cars.


Nearly everyone has a car and needs regular servicing. Do you have a website that exudes professionalism and gives them the confidence to come in and give you a chance to win their business?

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automotive website by Garetii Media

construction website by Garetii Media

Grow your business.

Other Businesses

Have a construction business? Communications business? Art portfolio? Photography sales? Shoot me a message and we can discuss some ideas for helping your business grow and thrive.

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