What is it?

A website maintenance plan allows me to process regular security and performance updates for your website. Just like your computer, tablets and smartphones need periodic updates to keep them safe and secure, so your website needs regular updates. (You know all those app updates for all the apps on your phone or iPad? And when you shut down your Windows computer, and it says it’s installing updates? Yep, like that. Those updates keep bad stuff from happening to you and keep your gear running great.)

Why hasn’t this been offered before?

Previously, I had processed updates on an annual or per request basis. However, as the frequency of updates has increased (several updates are released EACH and EVERY month), and as WordPress has begun rolling out more frequent auto-updates that sometimes knock other things out of whack, I have realized the need for a regular maintenance option to keep your sites running smoothly.

The idea is to proactively keep your site updated rather than reactively fixing problems after they occur. This can help save you from costly downtime and hourly troubleshooting expenses ($50/hour).

It has gotten much more time-consuming to process updates and make sure everything is still working correctly on your site, so moving forward, updates to your website platform and plugins will no longer be processed unless you are on one of these plans. If you are not on one of these plans, please make sure to keep your site updated yourself (and always make a backup of the database before you do, just in case something breaks).

Why should you consider a plan?

1. Security – If there weren’t bad guys out there constantly coming up with malicious code that threatens to attack your site, this wouldn’t be necessary. But unfortunately, there are. And they are constantly coming up with new attacks, so the good guys have to keep coming up with updates to help protect you.

If you do not keep your website and plugins up-to-date, you run the risk of getting attacked by one of these malicious bots. The longer you wait between updates, the more at risk you become.

What do these attacks look like? Sometimes it’s something you can’t see until your website is shared on social media, and then you see some vulgar language (which you would probably rather not have associated with your brand). Other times, your site may suddenly look really weird and distorted. And the worst attacks could take or delete data from your site.

If you have quite a few plugins, a decent amount of visitors coming to your site, and especially if you process payments or donations, you should really consider monthly updates to keep your site as safe as possible (Business plan). If you have a smaller site with fewer plugins, less traffic, and do not process payments or donations, you might be able to get away with less frequent updates (Personal plan).

2. Performance – Over time, WordPress and plugin authors release updates that not only patch new security vulnerabilities, but also improve the performance of your site and the plugins helping run it. (Things like bug fixes and code improvements.)

If you want to try updating your site and plugins yourself, you can. However, when updates are processed, sometimes there are additional tweaks that are needed to keep everything working properly. It’s always good to make a backup of your database and any plugins or other files you are updating in case the updates break something and you need to revert back temporarily. (If you need me to step in and help at that point, I’ll have to charge my $50/hr hourly rate.)

Note: As of Jan 1, 2017, if you are on a hosting plan with me, then you will also need to be on one of these plans. If you wish to self-manage your updates, you will need to move your website to your own hosting provider.


I highly recommend the Business option below. The Business option provides the greatest protection and peace of mind. If your site gets quite a bit of traffic, has quite a few plugins, processes any kind of payments or donations, or involves users logging into your site, you definitely will want the most frequent updates and backups available.

If your website is very small, gets very little traffic, and does not process payments or donations, then you could get by on the Personal plan. However, as your site grows, you should definitely plan to increase your update frequency to monthly and switch to the Business plan.

NOTE: These plans are offered primarily for existing Garetii Media clients. If you are not yet a client, please contact me first before signing up. I will need to verify that your website is built on WordPress and that your site’s needs fit within one of these plans.


$ 30

Per MonthIncludes:

  • WordPress and plugins updates 1x every other month
  • Database backups 1x every 15 days
  • Suitable for personal or very small business sites that do not get much traffic and do not have ecommerce or process donations.
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Annual Plan
(1 month free)


$ 40

Per MonthIncludes:

  • WordPress and plugins updates 1x every month
  • Database backups 1x every 7 days
  • Suitable for business and non-profit sites that get decent traffic, have ecommerce, process donations, and/or generate business leads.
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Annual Plan
(1 month free)